How Technology Helps Dirt Moving and Paving

Technology has been able to create an impact on all the aspects of our lives. It has evolved into almost all the industries that exist out there in the world as well. This fact is applicable for dirt moving and paving as well. Plenty of examples are available to prove how the development of technology has changed the dirt moving and paving process. These changes have made the job more efficient and convenient for the people who are engaged with.

Site preparation with lasers

Site preparation can be considered as the first step involved with dirt moving and paving. In the past, contractors had to go through transit or site glass in order to get the job done. They had to use a small scope or a plump bob to end up with effective results as well.

However, these primitive tools have been replaced by lasers as a result of technological development. A long distance can easily be covered by using lasers. Therefore, accuracy and efficiency of the grade and slope can be ensured. This can deliver better results for people who use the construction in the long run.

Tear off and removal with hydraulic technology

In the past, you must have seen how people use a massive diamond blade in order to cut the surface to initiate removal. Such a complex process doesn’t need to be followed for removal in today’s world. That‘s because hydraulic technology has been developed to provide an excellent assistance for the individuals. With hydraulic technology, people can get rid of old surfaces within the shortest possible time. This can reduce the time and money that is taken for the entire project.

Making the job more fun and easy

Out of pavements that can be found in United States, 94% are covered with asphalt. Likewise, you will be able to find many more fun facts about Asphalt. Asphalt was initially introduced for paving work back in 1824 and it has come a long way since then. 95% of asphalt material is made out of aggregate and the remaining 5% is oil. A similar paving process has been used by people who lived in ancient Egyptian dynasties as well. It seems that they have also been aware of the benefits that were linked with using asphalt as a paving material.

Automatic slope control

People didn’t have access to any automatic slope controlling capabilities in the past. Due to this reason, they had to face a lot of difficulties when creating drainage. That hassle has also been eliminated by the wonders of technology. New machines such as motor graders have been introduced to help people with automatic slope controlling needs. With these machines, all contractors can easily follow a properly defined grading grid. This can eliminate human errors that are associated with the grading process. The machine would precisely follow all grading percentages in order to make sure that the perfect grade is defined.

Sub base evaluation with nuclear density testing

Sub base evaluation is extremely important to ensure the quality of the paving job. In fact, the sub base needs to be tested to make sure that it has the ability to accommodate constant traffic while providing a support to asphalt. Otherwise, it could lead people towards expensive repairs. There was no proper method to test the quality of sub base back in the day.

But now, nuclear density testing is widely being used as a testing method. In addition, proof roll is also being used to determine the overall quality of the sub base and to make sure that no harmful effects are created by it in the long run. This method of testing has the ability to ensure 99% effective results for the people. It guarantees that the sub base is solid and strong.