A Good Night’s Sleep – Not a Dream Anymore!

Just like a smartphone, the body also needs a recharge session to function better and lead a healthy life. The quality of sleep directly affects the mental and physical health. However, there are nights when we get into the bed exhausted and longing for a good sleep. But, the brain plays a different game and refuses to sleep. That’s a terrible situation, isn’t it? Sleep full of tossing and turning is nothing less than a nightmare and the next day both productivity and creativity take a toll.

So, if you are having trouble sleeping, your busy and crazy schedule might be a reason behind it. On the other hand, it can also be your bedroom and habits that aren’t conducive to getting a good night’s sleep. Here, we have put a lot of thoughts to compile elements that work in synergy to offer a restful and good night’s sleep. Here is a roundup of things that are most important when it comes to sleep. If you build these, you will undoubtedly get some uninterrupted shut-eye.

Invest in a Good Mattress

One of the most significant investments to make in life is a premium mattress. Because when it comes to comfort while sleeping, nothing matters more than the mattress. Everybody structure is unique, and the right mattress can undoubtedly let anyone sleep like a baby. When buying a mattress, one should not be afraid to test it. After all, it’s going to act like a sleep companion for years to come, and a wrong decision can backfire. If the mattress doesn’t feel right in the first go, it won’t feel right in the future as well. Online shoppers can also take advantage of mattress testing when they buy from disruptive brands like Sunday Mattress. Their 100 nights no-risk-trial helps in making a great buying decision. Furthermore, their mattresses are produced in fully automated factories of Belgium from LGA certified Latex foam and adhere to European standards.

Take a Bath Before Bedtime

For those who have a hard time falling asleep, taking a bath before bedtime can be of significant help. Believe it or not, the body temperature is a key element in regulating the circadian rhythm. Indulging in a refreshing bath two hour before bed raises the body temperature and the rapid cool-down period immediately afterwards inculcates a sense of relaxation. Thus, helps in attaining a deep sleep.

Comfortable Clothing

The kind of clothes one wears to sleep plays a great role in determining the quality of sleep. Getting good slumber requires more than just a mattress and bath. Wearing the right clothes can transform sleep from fitful dozing to a long, full night of sleep. Choose cotton, silk or flannel and keep the clothing loose. Also, females should ditch the bra when they hit the bed.

Keep Gadgets Away

Besides uncomfortable clothing, gadgets with a bright screen right before sleep are the chief enemies of peaceful rest. You may not know, but a bright screen powerfully stimulates the brain and the eyes and ends up making the body not ready to sleep. As a thumb rule, you should follow a no-gadget policy – a minimum of two hours before hitting the bed. The only gadget that should be allowed in the bed is an eBook reader. It has a passive screen that feels similar to a book and causes no impact to the eyes and the brain. However, if you plan to read before sleeping, consider something light. Math equations and classic literature can make your mind go crazy and thus affect sleep.

Try Aromatherapy

Believe it or not, scents are powerful, and the right one can make you fall asleep immediately. However, it cannot cure more significant sleep issues like insomnia. Calming and relaxing essential oils before bedtime in any form can help fall asleep faster and have a relaxed and deep sleep. Alternatively, if you have a continuing sleep disorder, consult a health professional to cure the problem effectively.

Avoid Caffeine

Even a small cup of coffee contains 80 to 120 milligrams of caffeine. The amount may seem insignificant, but it is enough to keep you wide awake. If you are one of those, who enjoys a hot drink after dinner, time to say goodbye to this practice as this could be the sole reason behind disturbed sleep. The reason is that caffeine stays in the body for up to 12 hours and thus disrupts sleep. To fight caffeine craving switch to decaffeinated coffee for better sleep.

Create the Perfect Sleep Environment

You may not know, but simple tweaks in the bedroom can help create the perfect sleep environment. Essential elements include the right mattress, pillow, lighting, blackout curtains, comfy blanket and plush bedding. Creating an ideal sleep environment is vital for undisturbed sleep. Blackout curtains are a must as the presence of light decreases the production and release of melatonin (a hormone responsible for inducing sleep), thus creating a dark environment in the bedroom is vital.

Final Words!

A well thought out routine can help anyone begin to feel tired and fall asleep faster; though, it entails that one should go to bed at the same time every day and wake up at the same time. Interruptions in the sleep routine will reduce its ability to prompt sleep.