Latest Trends in Lehenga Choli

Lehenga choli is the biggest part of the rich tradition and culture of the sub-continent. Whether it is a royal style lehenga, courtesy of India or an Anarkali Style Lehenga choli designed by Pakistani designers, the intervention of new designs and styles have led to the development of new lehenga trends in both countries of sub-continent. Being an essential part of weddings, lehenga and choli shall be selected from the latest designs to keep in trend. Here are the latest trends in Lehenga and choli styles and designs:

Trailed Lehenga:

Want all eyes on you? Trailed Lehengas are the perfect pick for it. Embellished with intricate designs and scintillating threads, trailed lehengas spread glamour wherever the go. These lehengas have long trails on the back side which are embellished with different designs. The cholis also carry heavy designing elements. Perfect for weddings and party wear, trailed lehenga choli is a must have for every glamour enthusiast.

Flared Lehenga with Jacket:

The most popular trend of the current years has been Jacketed lehengas. These lehengas have a silk or velvet cape with a good deal of intricate silver or golden work on them. You can wear these jackets on your choli in order to add style to your clothing. Whether you want to look fabulous on a wedding or other occasion or add a bit of unique style in your lehenga, opt for jacketed lehengas. The jackets are usually ankle-long but the lengths can be adjusted. The material of jackets can also be switched to crepe or silk.

Ombre Lehenga Choli:

Brides and all other female attendants of any occasions look perfect in these heavenly Ombre lehengas. These lehengas have contrasting dark and light colors which are spread over the lehenga choli in a definite manner – to add the element of Ombre. If you are at crossroads regarding the decision of your dress, Ombre lehengas offer you a stunning solution to it.

Anarkali Lehenga Choli:

The one lehenga trend which can never run out of style in any era is the Anarkali Lehenga design. These types of lehengas have cholis which are sewn with them giving a gown-like outlook to the outfit. Loved by all, Anarkali Lehengas offer traditional styling for the women wearing it. You can count on Anarkali Lehenga to make you the star of the night.

Floor touching choli sleeves:

Designers are rapidly designing cholis having floor-touching sleeves. These sleeves carry heavy gold or silver work and offer a look of a queen to the woman wearing it. Paired with fish-tailed or regularly styled lehengas, these flour-touching sleeves of cholis are perfect to add a bit of latest style in your outfit.

Applique Lehenga:

Intricate and rich floral appliqués are rapidly being incorporated in the styling of new Lehenga designs. These appliqués are either spread on the whole lehenga fabric or just at the margins. Applique lehengas give the most-desired heavenly look to the ladies which opt for it.