4 Kinds of Medical Help Provided by a Health Spending Account

Your employer offers a nice range of option benefits, including a health spending account. While you may not know a lot about how this type of account works, the fact is that it can come in handy when you need or want a procedure not covered by your current health insurance plan. Here are four examples of when you can use the money in your account to cover the costs of specific procedures and not have to worry about how to pay for them.

Getting Corrective Eyewear

Your last visit to the optometrist confirmed what you were beginning to suspect: your sight is not what it was in years past. Fortunately, there is not a major health issue with the eyes but you do need to start wearing glasses or contact lenses. The problem is they cost money and your insurance plan does not cover vision care or there is a deductible that must be met before the provider will extend any benefits.

The good news is that your HSA account from Benecaid will provide the money you need to get those glasses or contacts. If there is the need for money to cover the deductible, that can be obtained. Should your insurance not include vision benefits at all, draw on the funds in your account to pay for the glasses. Either way, you come out ahead.

Alternative Treatment for a Health Issue

Perhaps you are living with a chronic condition and the relief you get using traditional medical solutions is limited. There’s a chance that some sort of alternative treatment can be used in conjunction with what you are already doing. Unfortunately, your insurance does not cover much in the way of alternative treatments.

If you have a health spending plan, it is possible to use the balance to cover the costs of things like acupuncture treatments. Assuming the treatments do provide additional relief, there is no reason you cannot continue to have them from time to time. Along with not worrying about the cost, you get to enjoy a higher quality of life.

Nursing Care After You Get Out of the Hospital

Your insurance plan only provides so much in the way of support for home health care expenses. That means you could be at home recovering from an injury or surgery and have those benefits run out. If that happens, knowing the funds in your health spending plan can be used for private nursing services will put your mind at ease. You continue to get the help you need to speed the recovery process and don’t have to worry about undergoing financial hardship.

Now is the time to talk more about employee health plans like a health spending account and find out how it could benefit you in the future. After reviewing what sort of medical support is considered eligible expenses and how they work alone or in tandem with a health insurance policy, choosing to set up such a plan will be an easy decision.