Top 4 Tips for Helping New Fitness Center Members Settle In

One of the reasons that you chose to open a fitness center was to provide people with a supportive environment as they get in shape. It’s great that you have new members signing up, but what can you do to help them make the most of the facility? Here are four suggestions on how you can help them settle in and enjoy every minute they spend working out.

Providing Orientation Opportunities

Even though the new member toured the facility before joining, there’s still a lot to learn. Information about aerobics classes, upcoming activities, and practical instruction in using the fitness equipment is one of the best ways to help the individual feel at home. You’ll find that the software for managing businesses like yours makes it possible to track when a new member goes through the orientation, any classes that the individual chooses to take, and even track the number of days the person comes in for workouts.

Time With Personal Trainers

Many people choose to join a fitness center with specific goals in mind. While a lot of your clients do just fine with setting up their own routines, others could use some one on one time with a trainer. This is especially true if the client is not sure what sort of workout would help provide overall toning, build muscle, and help with problem areas. Thanks to the software for personal trainers that you provide for your staff, creating customized workouts for specific clients and tracking their progress will not be difficult.

Social Events are a Great Way to Meet People

Holding social events on a regular basis is also a great way to help new members become part of the group. Consider the idea of holding a gathering one evening each month that is especially for those who have recently signed up. Encourage members who have been around awhile to also attend. These newcomers get to mingle with the staff and the other members, something that makes it easier to spot familiar faces when they come in for a workout.

Communication is Key

Making sure your new members receive regular communications and know how to reach the staff in between visits is also important. An email list that can be used to remind everyone of upcoming classes or special events is an excellent idea. Your business software should include features that allow you to set up mailings ahead of time and the send them out based on a pre-determined schedule.

Remember that you want to make it easy for your new members to reach staff members if the need arises. Having a procedure in place for members to text or email if they need to change classes or reschedule a session with a personal trainer does matter. Making sure those emails or texts are acknowledged and the change is confirmed will also help your newer members feel appreciated and likely to stick around for a long time.

The success of your business rests on attracting and holding on to members in the years to come. Make sure your newest members feel as much at home as those who have been part of the family for a long time. Use all the resources on hand, including software that supports your staff’s efforts, and the odds of keeping all your members are much higher.