Top 4 Benefits of Virtual Doctor Appointments

When you are feeling ill, the last thing you want to do is make a trip to a doctor’s office. Even so, that’s the only way to get the medical attention you need. At least, that’s the way things used to be. These days, it’s possible to arrange for a virtual visit with a physician and receive the advice and the care you need. Here are a few of the ways this approach to health care will make being sick a little easier.

Easier to See the Doctor

Have you ever woke up one morning and felt so bad that you called your doctor and found out there was no way you could be fitted in that day? You either had to tough it out for a few days or go to a local clinic. Neither options was exactly thrilling or did anything to help you start getting well.

With Kelowna family doctors who provide virtual visits, all you have to do is log into your account, talk with a member of the team who will ask questions about your health issue and some other basics, then wait your turn to have some time with the doctor. There is no question about whether you will receive attention today. Instead, it’s a matter of settling in waiting for the doctor to be free. Typically, your wait will amount to less time than it would take to get dressed and trudge out to a clinic.

No Need to Get Dressed

When you are sick, getting dressed is the last thing you want to do. Going to a clinic or a doctor’s office does require that you put on something other than your pajamas. When you are sneezing right and left and your head is so stuffy that you can barely think, the prospect of leaving the house for any reason holds no appeal.

Thanks to the fact that virtual doctor visits do not require you to be in a specific physical location, it’s easy enough to use your smartphone to log in and wait your turn to visit with the doctor. In the meantime, you can get back into bed, pull up the covers, and save your strength. That will make it easier to go over your symptoms and answer the doctors’s questions when your turn comes.

Stay Comfortable While Waiting Your Turn

Perhaps you have the sad fortune to be sick on a day when it’s raining or the snow is coming down. You are already sick and going out will not make things better. With virtual appointments, patients get to see their Coquitlam family doctors without having to deal with uncomfortable weather conditions or any other issues. Settle into your favorite chair, go back to bed, or do whatever it takes to remain comfortable. The doctor will be with you shortly.

Medicine Delivered to Your Door

Have you ever gone to a doctor because of a cold or other issue and then had to take a prescription to the pharmacy? With virtual health care, your doctor can arrange for the prescription to be called in to the pharmacy of your choice. Assuming you use one that offers home delivery, the medicine will be on the way in an hour or so. That allows you to get some rest while you wait.

There’s a lot to be said for virtual doctor appointments. Instead of waiting, why not set up a virtual account now? The next time you are feeling ill and need medical attention, you’ll be glad that you did.