Minecraft the Movie Gets a Director

Minecraft started as a simple video game that turned into a phenomenon. It now has over a hundred million people playing it all over the world, and Microsoft paid a whopping $2.5 billion for the rights to the game, so a movie version is a given, right?

Hollywood is still trying to get the video game movie right, and there’s the upcoming adaptation of Warcraft, as well as titles that have been in development for years like Assassin’s Creed and Splinter Cell. Now Variety reports that the Minecraft movie indeed has a director, and it looks like it will be Shawn Levy, who also gave us A Night at the Museum.

Minecraft is set up at Warner Brothers, and they’re currently in meetings to get Levy officially on board. As Deadline explains, this could be the studio’s way of trying to build on the success of the Lego Movie, which was a huge hit early this year. (In fact, Minecraft and the Lego movie have the same producer.)

So considering Minecraft is going for a family audience, maybe it will be the video game movie that finally turns the genre around. Then again, there’s a lot of video game movies in development that could be the one, including Warcraft. Whatever the movie is that finally makes video game films respectable, we just hope it’s gonna be a good one.