More Spoiler Punishment, This Time For Batman Vs Superman

Spoilers are a favorite subject with us here at TG, because we find it especially ridiculous how hard filmmakers try to keep things from leaking. Back in the day, Hitchcock made you raise your right hand and promise not to reveal anything about the movie you were working on, but these days more drastic measures need to be taken.

The Wrap tells us an extra working on Batman Vs Superman just revealed some info on the movie to a local station in Detroit, where the movie is filming, and he’s running the risk of being sued for five million.

Yes, apparently when you sign a deal to be in a big movie like this, you can be sued for that much money for revealing spoilers, but is there anyone working as an extra who even has that kind of money?

The spoilers revealed were pretty small, although one’s already made national news, that Robin this time may be female, and she may be played by Jena Malone, who was most recently in The Hunger Games.

So if you’re risking a five million dollar fine for spoiling Batman Vs Superman, we can only imagine what horrible punishment you’ll receive for spoiling Star Wars Episode VII, probably death by firing squad.