Alien: Isolation Reviews Are In

Alien is a no-brainer franchise for a video game. It’s got the right blend of monsters, action and technology to make a great video game, yet we still haven’t had an Alien game that’s knocked it out of the park.

So the reviews for Alien: Isolation are in, and Kotaku wrote that “it’s pretty good stuff,” although it’s apparently pretty challenging. Here the main character is Amanda Ripley, Ellen Ripley’s daughter, and as Kotaku continues, it’s “a draining, stressful game. It took me a whopping 21 hours to finish the story.”

Still, unlike Alien: Colonial Marines, which definitely missed the mark, Kotaku finds Isolation “a very good time.” Gamespot gave the game a six out of ten, writing, “It’s the first step towards the Alien game you’ve always wanted. But it’s a tiny, uncertain step.” Escapist Magazine enjoyed the game much more, writing, “This is a game that not only understands its source material, it lives up to it…Isolation [is] one of the most effective horror games