Where’s the Black Widow Merch?

Many fans have been dying for a Black Widow movie, but in Marvel’s movie slate for the rest of the decade, Captain Marvel is the only female superhero who will headline her own flick. (DC’s Wonder Woman lost its initial director, but they have another woman in her place to helm, Patty Jenkins.)

Even with women making major strides in geekdom, many still feel Black Widow got the shaft in the new Avengers movie, and especially with the toys. As Cinema Blend tells us, the Hulk himself noted this in a tweet: “@Marvel we need more #BlackWidow merchandise for my daughters and nieces. Pretty please.”

As Time reports, there also a #WheresNatasha hashtag wondering where the Black Widow dolls are.

It’s odd to think that there wouldn’t be Black Widow dolls at this point, after all, girls like geek stuff these days, not to mention there are plenty of male geeks have to be lusting after the character that would probably love a little mini-Black Widow on their desks, right? We figured that these days superheroes were in a new age of equality, so why can’t Black Widow get her own figure?