Will Ted 2 Deliver?

Three years ago ago, Ted was an enormous surprise comedy hit that took the world by storm. With over half a billion in the world-wide box office till, you know a sequel is a given, and now Ted 2 is coming this June.

This is a much different Ted than the first one, and it looks like this is more like an old Frank Capra style movie, where Ted goes to the government to try and get the legal right to be married. While the next film will move in a different direction, there’s certain to be plenty of down and dirty humor in it as well. (There’s a pretty raunchy gag in the trailer with Tom Brady, which we’ll let you see for yourself.)

As Variety reports, Seth MacFarlane told the audience at CinemaCon, “Ted 2 is a movie you can take the whole family to…if your whole family is over 18 and addicted to drugs.” He also said that if you love to smoke dope, you’ll love it, and people with the munchies buy more popcorn. The tagline for the film also makes a weed reference: Legalize Ted.

All kidding aside, we would think there’s big expectations for Ted 2. It should make big bucks, but it’s gotta deliver big laughs too. Look for it in theaters on June 26, and we hope this foul mouthed teddy bear will help make a summer full of big event movies even funnier.