Frank Miller Returns to The Dark Knight

When The Dark Knight Returns comic came out in the eighties, it was a major revelation. It gave fans a much darker vision of the caped crusader after the campy Batman of the sixties, and we’ve always assumed that it was the initial inspiration for the Batman movies to go in a more serious direction.

Now reports tell us that Frank Miller is coming back with a new Batman graphic novel, which is definitely great news. DC Comics announced this news with great excitement, and the next installment will be called The Dark Knight III: The Master Race.

As The Hollywood Reporter tells us, Miller will not be drawing the graphic novel, and Brian Azzarello (100 Bullets) will be writing the comic series with Miller, which has a Fall 2015 release date. An artist for the comic hasn’t been announced yet, but we would assume there’s one already illustrating it already.

Again, for those who were blown away by The Dark Knight Returns, this is definitely great news, and we’re looking forward to seeing how Miller will bring his vision of Batman full circle.