Jared Leto as The Joker Fully Unveiled

Back when the first Spider-Man movie was in production, the first official photo of Tobey Maguire in costume was released well in advance of the movie to prevent it from being leaked on the net by the geeks. Early pictures of the X-Men costumes got out before the official unveiling in Entertainment Weekly, so now the studios get the pics out fast in order to beat the geeks.

Suicide Squad is currently in production, and Jared Leto is taking over the role of The Joker. Now, as you can see, the first official photo of Leto all done up in costume has been unveiled, and whatever you think of it, it’s a Joker unlike we’ve ever seen before.

Heath Leger really reinvented the role of Batman’s great arch nemesis in The Dark Knight, and while it may ultimately be the best version of The Joker we’ll ever see, we’re just as curious as anybody else how Leto will interpret the role. Suicide Squad is an ensemble film, but the role of The Joker always begs to steal the show.

Look for Suicide Squad in theaters in 2016.