Guillermo Del Toro Moves Forward on The Haunted Mansion

We’ve reported here on TG that early word on Guillermo Del Toro’s next horror film, Crimson Peak, is very strong, with Stephen King tweeting in early with a rave review. Del Toro’s usually got a lot of projects in the works, and now word has come in that his next project, The Haunted Mansion, is currently moving forward with Ryan Gosling in the lead.

If you think this is going to be a big screen version of the Disney attraction, it is, and yes, you can think of it as a Pirates rehash, but considering I love the Haunted Mansion attraction, I think Del Toro could do something cool with it. Another Hollywood hack? We wouldn’t be so interested. (Remember the version with Eddie Murphy?)

The Wrap reports that Del Toro and Gosling went to Disneyland during the weekend of the Academy Awards, where they indeed visited the Haunted Mansion, along with Pscae Moutain and Pirates of the Caribbean.

Del Toro told Variety it won’t be a comedy, and it will probably be too scary for kids. Funny enough, this report reminded us that Gosling used to be a Mouseketeer, so this movie could be an interesting full circle trip for him as an adult actor. D.V. DeVincentis, who adapted High Fidelity, is penning the script.