Transformers May Get Its Own Expanded Universe

Although he’s done other movies, it’s hard to imagine Michael Bay directing anything else these days. Yet the Transformers are now getting their own universe, much like Marvel, and if you hate the series, this news won’t give you much hope.

Screenwriter Akiva Goldsman is going to take over the Transformers universe, and while he did indeed win the Academy Award for writing A Beautiful Mind, but he’s also written Batman and Robin, Deep Blue Sea, the adaptation of The Da Vinci Code, and many other films that you wouldn’t watch again to get out of debt. (He also recently wrote Winter’s Tale, with an infamous flying horse, and Insurgent, the lackluster sequel to Divergent.)

Apparently Paramount might be borrowing a page out of the Star Wars book, trying to set up spin-offs and sequels for Transformers, much like Marvel has their own universe, and Universal is trying to set up another monster movie universe with a reboot of The Mummy next year.

If you hate Transformers, the prospect of Goldsman writing them will be even more painful. We’re really not sure how many more Transformers films there can realistically be, but again, like the old joke in Hollywood goes, only the last sequel loses money.