Fifty Shades of Grey Reviews Are In

It really doesn’t matter what the critics think of Fifty Shades of Grey, because it has a huge built in fanbase, and it’s set to make a ton of money this weekend. But the reviews are now in, and they’re actually pretty good.

Variety noted the film is “not exactly whip-smart, but this hotly anticipated bondage-porn romance is in many ways a significant improvement on E.L. James’ novel.” Beyond the novel, “Director Sam Taylor-Johnson and screenwriter Kelly Marcel have brought out a welcome element of cheeky, knowing humor that gradually recedes as the action plunges into darker, kinkier territory.”

The Hollywood Reporter calls it “a well-cast conversation starter, by turns provocative and romance-novel gooey.” The Reporter also tells us the movie “will in every way live up to the ‘phenomenon’ hype.” In addition, The Wrap called Fifty Shades “stylish and mostly satisfying.”

We’d like to add that the running time is a reported 125 minutes, and with the film reportedly having twenty minutes of sex in it, that means there’s a hundred and five minutes of story.

In other Shades news, The Wrap tells us the movie’s going to get an Imax release, which is definitely amusing. We’re not sure if it will be converted to 3D as well, but it is indeed funny to see that this sexy tale will soon be even bigger than life. (Is it possible there will soon be porn releases in Imax?)