Tarantino Demands The Hateful Eight Must Play in 70mm

Quentin Tarantino is currently filming his next movie, The Hateful Eight, in Colorado, and it’s due to be released late this year. Tarantino is one of a number of directors who insists on working on film in a digital world, and now he’s demanding The Hateful Eight must be released in 70mm.

The Hollywood Reporter tells us the 70mm release will be limited, and then it will have a regular 35mm release. We’re not sure at this point how many theaters out there are equipped for 70mm these days, and many will tell you that even if directors continue to work on film, the days of film being projected in theaters are over.

70mm used to be a big deal for screening movies, it was the largest format you could see a movie in before the days of Imax, and it’s indeed remarkable to watch a movie in 70mm. We’re just not sure if there’s that many theaters left that can play a movie in the format.

Not to mention it’s odd that a movie that largely takes place in one room, a la Reservoir Dogs, is being shot in 70mm. Then again, when Tarantino made his segment in Four Rooms, his set was the biggest, clearly reflecting the size of his ego.

According to Latino Post, The Hateful Eight is slated to be released on November 13.