Disney Has Big Plans For Star Wars Rides

You knew with Disney taking over Lucasfilm that there would be rides at Disneyland, so along with the upcoming slate of three Star Wars sequels, as well as the three spin-off movies, the Magic Kingdom definitely has “ambitious” plans for their Star Wars attractions as well.

As Variety reports, Disney chief Bob Iger said “a fair amount of design and development” has been going into the Star Wars rides, and that “the plans are ambitious, so it’s going to take some time for them to be built and opened.”

These rides will also “greatly increase Star Wars presence in multiple locations around the world,” and the specifics will be officially announced “later in 2015,” which will obviously be closer to the release of The Force Awakens.

Iger also dropped another interesting factoid when discussing Star Wars. Apparently the trailer for The Force Awakens has been viewed on the net over 123 million times, and in this day and age you wonder how much more impact a movie trailer has online than in theaters. It’s certainly easier to gauge interest in a movie, and as we saw last weekend, Star Wars didn’t need a Superbowl ad, there’s plenty of fans out there that are well aware it’s coming on December 18.