The Agony of the Lego Movie Losses

There was a genuine upset that The Lego Movie wasn’t nominated for Best Animated Feature. Not as much of an outrage as Selma getting the shaft, but The Lego Movie was such a delight, what else could win in that category?

As the Hollywood Reporter reminds us, a Lego Oscar was made as a joke to soothe the creative team behind the movie, but Phil Lord and Christopher Miller did win an Annie Award for writing. The Annies are the Academy Awards for animation, as you probably guessed by now, and it didn’t win best picture there either, How to Train Your Dragon 2 did.

There will be a Batman Lego movie, telling the Reporter they’re checking out the Batmobiles for research. “We went to Warner Bros. and opened up all the Batmobiles; we took photos of the interiors and the exteriors…It was amazing. It was the best trip.”

Both Miller and Lord are writing the Lego Movie sequel, Lego 2, which is slated for release in 2018.