Aquaman Vs. Dredd?

If you read TGDaily regularly, you know we’re not nuts about the prospect of Batman Vs Superman, and what’s especially nutty is the movie may have Aqua Man, who’s apparently getting his own movie as well.

We’re amazed this is going forward because as fans of Entourage know, Aquaman the movie was a running joke on the show. While it’s a safe bet that James Cameron won’t be directing, Collider reported an interesting rumor that he may be battling Karl Urban, who helped resurrect Judge Dread.

Jason Momoa (the reboot of Conan the Barbarian) is going to play Aqua Man, and he’ll be part of the Justice League ensemble, but he will have his own movie in 2018, if the whole superhero movie trend doesn’t collapse by then. Urban is also slated for Star Trek 3, so they’ll have to wait for him to be free from that before he battles the king of the sea.

Collider tells us that Noam Murro is up to direct Aquaman, and considering he helmed the sequel to 300, which was met with a collective meh by the public and the critics, you get the impression an Aqua Man movie may not be too high on the priority list for big screen superheroes, if he indeed will get his own movie in 2018.