Hunger Games is Now the #1 Movie of 2014

These days, box office is practically a science. Put a bunch of facts and figures together into a computer, give it to a bunch on analysts to crunch the numbers, and you can predict almost to the nickel what a movie’s going to make at the box office.

Guardians of the Galaxy turned out to be the surprise hit of last year, especially considering it came in as the number one movie of 2014. We say this in the past tense, because it’s now officially been eclipsed by The Hunger Games.

Both were neck and neck for the #1 spot, and Deadline just reported that Games has now come in first, even though the reviews for it weren’t stellar, and you were starting to get the impression that maybe the whole Games teen dystopia thing was starting to run out of steam.

Funny enough, last year Hunger Games beat out the #1 movie of the year, Iron Man 3, late in the game as well, becoming the top grosser for 2013 in January. This has gotta be some kind of record because Hunger Games is now the top movie franchise two years in a row.