Is the Star Wars Trailer Ready Already?

It’s a little over a year away before Star Wars Episode VII The Force Awakens is in theaters, and already there are rumors of a teaser trailer. Could it be ready this early?

We would think that the Star Wars trailer would be ready in the first quarter of next year, with a full blown one ready by summer or so. But it also makes sense to have something ready for Xmas, to make fans go wild for it a year in advance.

According to Collider, a description of the teaser trailer is already on the site Badass Digest, and it sounds like it’s pretty brief, with characters being shown, music being played on woodwinds, and an appearance of the Millennium Falcon, all in the space of about a minute.

Collider speculates the trailer could debut in four or five weeks, and they also guess it could be shown before a big Disney film like Into the Woods. This is all speculation right now, and speculation will continue to run wild until the movie is finally out in the world of course, but we eagerly await seeing any of the new Star Wars as much as anyone else.