Peter Jackson Gives Stephen Colbert a Lord of the Rings Sword

If you watch Stephen Colbert regularly, you know he’s a big Lord of the Rings geek. And now Peter Jackson has given him a LOTR memento any fan of the franchise would die for, with a suggestion that Democrats will love.

As Rawstory reports, Jackson gave Colbert a prop sword from the film, the “Sting” sword,  telling the comedic political commentator, “This is for sticking it to the Tea Party in the forthcoming election. I think you’ll need it.”

This great moment in geekdom was captured for posterity for the upcoming Desloation of Smaug BluRay. Colbert was predictably ecstatic, telling Jackson, “Oh my gosh. Forged probably in Gondolan. Thanks so much. Partner to Orcrist and Glamdring.”

If you’re a bleeding heart liberal like I am, you probably got a kick out of this story, and once I read the alarming news that Jeb Bush could run for President, it made me imagine Jackson putting Gandolf in front of the White House, screaming, “You shall not pass!,” if another Bush tries to get in again.