Star Wars News Round Up

So Interstellar finally came out, it came in second at the box office, and got mixed reviews. Then again, 2001, which Interstellar clearly models itself after, got reviews all over the map, but in time it became one of the greatest classics in the genre’s history.

What does this have to do with Star Wars, you ask? As it turns out, Christopher Nolan is also a big Star Wars geek. The filmmaker told Vanity Fair and The Daily Beast, “I’m pretty excited to see what JJ [Abrams] is going to do with that. I’m excited to see that he’s shooting on film and actually built the Millennium Falcon.”

It’s a great idea to think that Nolan could have taken over the reigns of Star Wars, but as he continued, “I think I’d be afraid to touch it! He’s boldly going where he went before in Star Trek, and it takes colossal balls. I’m a lot more comfortable trying to do my own thing than carrying the weight and expectation of the entire world- particularly 40-something like me who live and die with each new bit of information about Star Wars. But I’m very excited to see what he does.”

In other Star Wars news, The Hollywood Reporter tells us the powers that be are planning to return to Pinewood Studios in London, where Episode VII, The Force Awakens, was made, and this will apparently be for one of the Star Wars spin-off movies, which will be directed by Gareth Edwards (Godzilla), and it has a release date of December 16, 2016.

In an official statement, the CEO of Pinewood said, “The seventh Star Wars movie just finished shooting at Pinewood. And I’m delighted to be able to tell you that a new Star Wars movie is already booked in.”

And did we mention that Andy Serkis is also in The Force Awakens? According to the Hollywood Reporter, he’s got a secret role in Avengers Age of Ultron as well. He couldn’t talk about it much, but when asked which film he was most excited about, he smiled and replied, “That’s impossible to say. I’m thrilled about both. It was such a pleasure to be a part of both of them, and not just an actor, but also helping with the performance capture with my company The Imaginarium.”