The Six Million Dollar Man to Finally Become a Movie

So many people growing up in the ‘70’s have tremendously fond memories of The Six Million Dollar Man. So many of us had the Steve Austin dolls, and pretended to run in slow motion, just like he did in the opening credits.

There’s been past attempts to make The Six Million Dollar Man into a movie for many years, at one point even Jim Carrey was up for it, but now it looks like Mark Wahlberg will be playing him. Collider reports that Peter Berg (Lone Survivor, Battleship) will direct the film for Dimension for a planned 2016 release.

Of course, the title has to be changed for modern times, an amount like six million would make audiences laugh, like Dr. Evil holding the world hostage for a million dollars, so noe he’s the Six BILLION Dollar Man.

There are of course franchise hopes, and Wahlberg is a good modern choice to take over for Lee Majors. Mark’s certainly got the build to convince you he’s a super-strong cyborg, and we’re curious if this version will play it straight, or go the campy, tongue in cheek route. The franchise is probably unknown to modern audiences, but we know there’s a lot of good will for the Man if you grew up in the ‘70’s, so it should at least get a nice middle aged crowd when it’s released in 2016.