Another Push For an Oscar For Andy Serkis

You may recall some time ago there was serious talk of Andy Serkis being nominated for an Oscar. While it didn’t come to pass, there’s been healthy debate as to whether an actor doing motion capture should be up for an Oscar or not, much like the debate of Scarlett Johansson potentially being up for an Oscar for just a vocal performance.

So now there’s another attempt to get Serkis nominated for an Oscar for his performance in Dawn of the Planet of the Apes. As the Hollywood Reporter tells us, Fox will be making a push to get Serkis a Best Supporting Actor nod.

There was apparently speculation they would go for Best Actor, but Fox will go for Best Supporting. While Serkis feels an actor being nominated for a motion capture performance would “move the needle” for the technology, it still hasn’t happened, and we’re curious to see if Serkis has a chance for the Oscar race next year.

Apparently Serkis is doing a lot of appearances at the Academy Governors Awards, as well as a Q&A at the Screen Actors Guild, clearly campaigning for a little gold guy. Usually genre films don’t get respect at the Academy Awards, and Serkis may still be a ways away from an Oscar, but you never know…