Buzz For Interstellar Getting Stronger

With the Dark Knight Rises, everything was kept so top secret, you couldn’t hear or read a drop of whether it was good or bad until it was right about to be released. Interstellar’s still a few weeks away from its November 7 opening, and a number of people who’ve seen it are raving.

While no official reviews are out just yet, there’s an embargo on reviews until Monday, the L.A. Times headlined their story, “Interstellar makes some noise at Hollywood coming out party,” and many celebrities who attended apparently loved it, expressing their admiration on Twitter.

Rian Johnson, who will be directing the Star Wars movies post-JJ Abrams wrote, “Interstellar is bold & ballsy. Huge ideas done in a concrete grounded way, and some of the finest space travel spectacle this side of 2001.”

Brad Bird (The Iron Giant), tweeted, “Dazzled by the ambition & intelligence of Chris Nolan’s Interstellar…See it in 70MM IMAX.” Edgar Wright (Shaun of the Dead), wrote, “Truly a magnificent film.” And actor Josh Gad called it, “A thought provoking, challenging gut punch of a film.” The Wrap also called it “a stunning vision of a future in which the survival of humanity is not a given.” (The Wrap also mentioned that the film was shown at the California Science Center on a screen that was seven stories high and 90 feet wide.)

The Guardian tells us that Interstellar will reportedly have the biggest Imax opening release, and judging by the early notice, it would probably indeed be best seen in 70mm IMAX. (Judging by the comments made on The Wrap, Interstellar should also spark a lot of debate about global warming as well.)