More Ghostbusters 3 News

Okay, so the news is now official that Paul Feig (Bridesmaids) will direct the next Ghostbusters movie, which has been long in gestation. The twist is it will now be a group of female comedians fighting paranormal forces, and while the movie hasn’t been cast yet, people are putting together fantasy casts all over the net.

So here’s a few more tidbits we’ve picked up since the big announcement hit this week…Feig spoke to Entertainment Weekly about the new Ghosbusters, saying, “We want to have fun with giving nods to what came before, but we don’t want to be bound by it…we have really fun ideas for things…We want to tell the character arcs that we want to tell, which means we want to start with some of our characters in a different place or with different personalities and things they have to overcome and learn through the experience of this first movie.”

The big shocker to us is that this Ghosbusters will be, gasp!, an origin story, which Hollywood seems to fond of. It will also apparently have no connection to the original, or as Vanity Fair puts it, “set in a world where there were no previous Ghostbusters, no Stay-Puft Marshmallow Man…”

This is a surprise, because there have been reports that this next ‘Busters will have the original guys handing the torch to a new group of young ‘uns, but maybe Feig is going the reboot route. It certainly wouldn’t be out of character with modern Hollywood. Will it work? Well if the director of Bridesmaids can bring some of that female insanity to a new Ghostbusters, maybe it will have a shot.