How the Star Wars Empire Was Built

Just when you think we know everything there is to know about Star Wars, new stories and memories come out of the past. Now the latest book to chronicle the movie that changed sci-fi, and movies, forever, How Star Wars Conquered the Universe, is out through Basic Books.

Written by Chris Taylor, an editor at, from what we can gather, this book could have more of a business edge to it, with the subtitle being, “The Past, Present, and Future of a Multibillion Dollar Franchise.” The book seems to be about why we’re still obsessed with Star Wars after all this time, and what the future could hold for the franchise when Episode VII comes next December.

Early reviews tell us it’s “a smart, engaging book” (Kirkus Reviews), and that “it’s impossible to imagine a Star Wars fan who wouldn’t love this book.” Acclaimed author Dave Eggers (A Heartbreaking Work of Staggering Genius) also called it “a wildly entertaining book, and if it’s not the definitive history of the making of Star Wars, I don’t know what is.”