LaFerrari: Not Even There and Already Sold Out!

For a car that would be priced in millions, Ferrari’s LaFerrari is sure to have broken many records this week. The convertible variant of the LaFerrari was only showcased for the first time recently, and it has already sold out.

Statement by Ferrari

All available examples have already been sold after a special preview to clients and the order book is closed.

The Flash Sale of Luxury Kinds

Off late, we have come across phones selling out in merely couple of seconds but for a car, this is unheard of. While the LaFerrari might have taken longer than seconds, and the fact that we still don’t know the technicalities of the convertible, gives us a food for thought, but not for the buyers of course.

Top view of the LaFerrari gives us a glimpse of the V12 engine. (Photo Courtesy: Ferrari)

The new limited edition special series will be available with a removable carbon-fibre hard top and a removable soft top, as informed by the auto maker. What we can share with you is that, this convertible will be powered by a V12 engine that can touch up to a massive 949 horsepower in total.

We’ll know the real name of the LaFerrari soon. (Photo Courtesy: Ferrari)

Ferrari will announce the name and technical specs of this new car at the Paris International Motor Show later this year.