Will Apple Finally Give Up On 16 GB Phones?

If rumours are to be believed, we will finally see Apple ditching its 16GB model as the base variant for the iPhone 7 this year. Media reports have suggested that Apple could be taking this call in order to expand its iPhone variant up to 256 GB this year.

The implication is that the 32GB iPhone 7 variant is expected to be the entry-level model for the iPhone in 2016. This is bound to excite consumers who’ve been waiting for this year’s iPhone upgrade.

Speculation around the new iPhone until now has largely been about the possibility that Apple could ditch the 3.5-mm audio jack in favour of a lightening connector. However, we’re much more excited to find out whether Apple will dispense with the 16 GB variant once and for all.

Make it Happen

A 32 GB iPhone 7 ensures that buyers will never have to delete data in order to create memory space. Also, 32 GB onboard storage models have now become the norm, especially when even budget phones can be bought with that much memory. Any one who has used a 16 GB iPhone knows how frustrating it can be, constantly erasing stuff and not everyone can effectively use the cloud for storage.

Also, the iPhone’s closest competition– high-end phones like the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge– come with 32GB storage as the standard variant.

While it makes a lot of sense for Apple to do away with the 16 GB model, we really hope they don’t use it as an excuse to  make the upcoming iPhone’s even more expensive.