Ant Man is Finally Revealed

It’s a shame Edgar Wright wasn’t able to direct Ant Man, because he was a perfect choice to helm it, but the Ant Man movie is finally coming regardless, and the official trailer has been unleashed for it.

Overall we did like most of what we saw, and we think Paul Rudd will make a good superhero. There’s some very funny jokes in the trailer, especially at the end, that show that Ant Man could definitely be a lot of fun.

We have to say we weren’t nuts about the silly operatic music that most big epic trailers have to have these days, it makes superhero movies come across as self-important, and we’re sure there will be an element of that in this one as well as well, but again, it looks like Rudd will bring a lot of humor to the proceedings, and when you’re a tiny superhero running around with packs of ants, you shouldn’t take yourself too seriously.

Ant Man, directed by Peyton Reed (Bring it On), and co-written by Rudd, is coming on July 17.