Game of Thrones Battles Piracy Again

It’s not just the music business that’s cursing piracy. The movie business is terrified of it, especially in the modern age of streaming, and apparently TV’s been having a problem with it as well.

It’s a real sign of how big Game of Thrones is as a show, because according to Variety, it was illegally downloaded 1.7 million times the day before it debuted on April 13. Actually, it was the first four episodes of the season, so even more from the show got spoiled than expected.

Game of Thrones has been one of the most pirated shows on TV, in fact, it was the #1 pirated show of last year. This report tells us that piracy can definitely hurt revenue for a show, but the CEO of Time Warner also said that the show being pirated helped build better buzz than winning an Emmy.