Fantastic Four Has a New Doctor Doom

There’s things that work fine in a comic book, but when being adapted to the big screen, they’re just not going to work. (Yellow spandex?) So what will Doctor Doom be like in the new version of The Fantastic Four?

The Hollywood Reporter tells us that Doctor Doom will be a programmer, “a very anti-social programmer,” and Toby Kebbel, who’s playing the role, added that he’ll be Victor Domashev, not Victor Von Doom.”

Kebbel also told IGN the new model Four will be a “very realistic, lo-fi attempt at a superhero movie.”

While some changes to superheroes are welcome, if it monkeys around with the characters too much, it’s definitely not a good thing. The Fantastic Four has been desperately in need of a jump start, and we’re hoping the next one will certainly deliver when it comes out next August.