Why Man of Steel Didn’t Have an End Teaser

As we all know by now, at the end of every Marvel film is a little teaser for what’s next to come, although we don’t think a Howard the Duck movie’s really in the cards. (Sorry for that spoiler if you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet.) If you know the Marvel universe, you know to stick around until the end, and Warner Brothers tried to do the same for Man of Steel.

We now know the sequel will be Batman Vs Superman, and Warners wanted an end teaser as well, but producer Christopher Nolan reportedly vetoed that idea. According to The Guardian and Collider, Nolan said, “A real movie wouldn’t do that.”

Quite a few fans are upset by this comment, because the Marvel movies are certainly real enough, but this is apparently in reference to the fact that Marvel usually has a humorous coda to the end of their movies, and Nolan apparently didn’t want something like that spoiling the movie, or so we speculate.

Plus we’re not sure if there were firm plans in place for Batman and Superman to come together, although reportedly the end of the Batman trilogy was there from the get-go. (We’re also not sure if there were firm villains in place in the last two Batmans, we could have sworn The Riddler was going to be the bad guy in one of ‘em.)

Not sure if there will be a teaser at the end of B V S, because who on earth would dare to make fun of Ben Affleck as Batman in a movie that also includes Aquaman, and a woman reportedly playing Robin?