Happy Birthdday to the Creator of Superman

Superman had his 75th birthday last year, and as we’ve reported on TG, the first issue of Action Comics, featuring the Man of Steel’s debut, is still the most valuable comic on planet earth.

Considering I discover a lot of news and interesting tid-bits on Facebook, I was pleasantly surprised to be reminded that Jerry Siegel, who created Superman with Joe Shuster, turned 100 on October 17. As one Facebook fan posted, they weren’t popular guys, and they had to draw on butcher paper because they had no money.

“But they were two best friends. With one dream. At the brink of World War II, in the midst of the Great Depression, two kids from Cleveland didn’t just give us the world’s first superhero. They gave us something to believe in.”

Indeed, and in recent years, the modern incarnations of Superman have portrayed him as the Christ of superheroes, a savior sent to planet Earth whose superhuman strength can protect us from all sorts of foes and disasters. (Not to mention he was always on a mission to uphold “truth, justice and the American way.”) So we thank Jerry Siegel, who along with Joe Shuster gave so many of us a great character that has become synonymous with heroism, and bravery.