Ben Affleck Doesn’t Fear the Geeks Re: Batman

So Ben Affleck’s currently thumping the tub for his latest, the critically acclaimed thriller Gone Girl, and you know the subject of Batman will come up. The guy’s well aware there’s plenty of haters out there, and he’s just fine with that.

Affleck told the Today show, “We have these cultural stories that people have attachments to, they care very much about, the fans have imagined it, they write fan fiction, and they get very into it, and they’re certainly entitled to those feelings.”

Affleck also claims that “people come up to me and are really excited. I think in the end the truth is, you make the movie and the movie works or it doesn’t.”

While the guy certainly isn’t as good of an actor as his old pal Matt Damon, Affleck’s been getting strong reviews for his performance in Girl, and we say bring it too. Surprise us Ben, make us eat our words with your performance. We’ll be watching…