Why Choose a Bubbler?

For some people, nothing compares to smoking from a good old-fashioned pipe. They’re available in all shapes and colors, they don’t need any ‘extra’ equipment, and they are pretty darn easy to use. The only thing a dry pipe doesn’t have in its corner is filtration…and that is where the bubbler comes in. Bubblers are what happens when a bong meets a traditional pipe, and they’re a great option for any smoker to have around.

Bubblers have a mouthpiece, bowl, stem, and water chamber. When smoke enters the chamber, the water cools it. This provides a nice, smooth hit like that of a bong. Some bubblers even have a percolator, which serves a second water chamber and allows for an even smoother hit. Your throat and lungs will thank you for using a bubbler!

Bubblers are very similar to regular pipes when it comes to ease of use and portability. The structure of a bubbler allows for glass blowers to use a lot of creativity. This is why glass bubblers are very popular among collectors. It isn’t hard to find a stunning piece when shopping for a bubbler, but keep in mind that glass ones can be a bit fragile.

Like glass bongs and pipes, Bubblers have a few different varieties to choose from:

  • Hammer Bubbler: Hammer bubblers live up to their name by being shaped like…well, a hammer! They have one wide smoking chamber and a smaller, thinner smoking chamber that attaches to the stem. When sat upright, hammer bubblers are tip-resistant.
  • Sidecar Bubbler: If you have a sidecar bubbler in your home, it’s going to get noticed! Sidecars are uniquely shaped in that the smoking stem sits next to the smoke chamber, similar to the sidecar on a motorcycle.
  • Sherlock Bubbler: Named after everyone’s favorite detective, the Sherlock bubbler resembles Mr. Holmes’ favorite pipe. It looks a lot like a hammer bubbler, but with a stem shaped like an ‘S’.
  • The Pendant: For the on the go smoker, the pendent bubbler is the way to go! It’s smaller than the average bubbler and is designed to be worn on a string around the neck.
  • Multi-Chamber Bubbler: These bubblers are always a favorite. The more filtration chambers a bubbler has, the smoother the smoke will be and the less resin and tars will get left behind. Some of these impressive bubblers feature 2, 3, and even 4 chambers!

Bubblers are one of the most affordable smoking devices. Price is dependent on the material, detail, and production method used to make it. For example, glass blown bubblers will typically cost more than those that have been mass produced. There are so many kinds of bubblers made in so many different ways, there is always a bubbler that can accommodate any budget!

Written by: Head Shop Headquarters