Top 7 reasons to put a case on your smartphone

So you just bought your new Samsung galaxy s8 phone – congratulations and welcomed to the club.

I can imagine how excited you are and can’t wait to show off your new high-end device. But, the chances are your smartphone wouldn’t remain this sparkling, glossy new for long.

No, I’m not predicting that any catastrophe will befall you or your phone – the reality is the odds of getting your mobile phone scratched, dented or even crack the screen is high – and I believe you would do everything within your ability to prevent this, right?

What better way is there to prevent this than covering your Samsung galaxy s8 smartphone with a sturdy, custom-built phone case that will take the beating, absorb the shock of drops, and provide additional protection for your mobile device?

If you aren’t convinced yet, here are seven reasons to consider using a phone case for your smartphone.

Provides better grip

Today’s smartphones are getting thinner and sleeker – gone are the days of large phones. The thing is, this presents a new challenge – slippery grip.

Due to the slim designs of the modern smartphones, it is now easier for one to mistakenly drop phones. To combat this and mitigate the spike in phone drop incidences strong phone cases with better grips are being manufactured.

Thankfully, there are a variety of phone covers you can choose from that is chic, provides the needed protection and is suited to your style and taste.

Protects the screen

Even though smartphones are getting more durable with each new release featuring the tough Gorilla glass, sturdy body, and more compact build yet a phone cover can provide additional protection, especially against scratches and dents.

And considering the cost of using a phone case to buying a new phone you know, it’s cheaper to just put a case on it.

Protects against dirt and spills

Your smartphone has warmed itself into your daily life, and you can’t seem to go anywhere without it – except those rare occasions when you forgot – this exposes your phone to anything from dirt to specks of dust and even spills. Putting a case on the phone means it can handle this increased rigors.

You didn’t buy phone insurance

Ok, we understand you’re a little tight on budget and couldn’t afford to get phone insurance for your smartphone yet. But, the least you could do at this point is to get a phone case to protect your phone.

With as little as $30 you can buy a phone case and save yourself from a headache that comes with a shattered screen, scratched and dented body and the hassle of replacement.

Some phone cases are more than just protective covers

You can easily find a multifunctional phone case out there today. You’d find some that are also a wallet, a bottle-opener, and a battery pack. So you see they can be put to other uses while protecting your phone.

It is a statement of style

Just as your phone says a lot about your style and personality, so also does the casing you choose to put on your phone. With an array of different designs, colors, and decorations, you can project your style through your phone cover.

And today, as more chic, sleeker and trendier phone cases enter the market, you have an array of options to choose from to make that style statement.

It personalizes your phone

Just as you’ve got the latest phone so also does the next person – you need something to differentiate your device at a glance, and this is where a phone casing comes in – A phone cover sets your mobile phone apart from the sea of similar devices, making it easy for you to identify.

Bonus reason to put a case on your phone

Materials to match your needs

For most people, a phone casing is made of plastic, but in reality, there are several phone covers made from different materials. A simple search online will pull up different mobile cases made out of various materials such as classic-looking wood, durable silicone, a comfortable gel, and even daring looking cases made out of leather.

So you have the options to choose a material that suits your needs and lifestyle.