2018 Tile Trends

With the autumn well and truly here, 2017 will be over in the blink of an eye. If you’ve got a redecoration project on your mind you might be wondering what you should be looking for to make sure that your home is looking trendy come 2018.

Taking a look back over the year, we have seen a huge interest in Scandinavian and Hygge designs in the homes thanks to their minimalistic aesthetics with a softer edge. Next year we are set to see some more of these designs plus some exciting new tile trends that are on track to become homeowners new favourites.

Dark Colours

It appears that we may well be experiencing the fall of the natural palette as designers are moving further and further away from those creams and beiges. Ten years ago neutral colours were all the range since they offer a modern and sophisticated look. However, it seems we are becoming bored of the expected palettes and are instead branching out in to more tones and shades to keep our homes looking and feeling fresh. When tiling, look at colours such as rich purples, greys, blacks and even reds for a bold new look.

These darker colours create stunning atmospheres in a room by bringing in some strong industrial themes with a classy edge. In particular, black floor tiles can help to create the illusion of more space in an otherwise smaller bathrooms or kitchens, so are a great idea when looking to work with darker colours.

Mixed Materials

Other trends that have gained traction this year are both industrial and vintage aesthetics and these are set to stay in the coming year. Luckily, these mixed materials offer both rustic and modern looks so are easily adaptable to your home. Think of paring concrete and wood effect tiles for a beautiful blend of natural and man-made.

The grey of the concrete gives a cool and contemporary look whereas the wood effect gives you that country warmth. Both look stunning when coupled with potted plants and other natural accessories. These tiles are incredible as you can use them in bathrooms and kitchens which means you get that same great wood look without the worry of causing the tile any damage from exposure to heat or moisture. Similarly, consider looking at limestone and marble tiles for a similar finish.


Perhaps the most unexpected trend in the tiling world, metallics are set to make a huge comeback in 2018. Think of using rose gold, silver, or glass mosaic tiles that give that same incredible shine. Rose gold is likely to be the catalyst behind metallics taking off since it has captured the minds of millennials in their homes. These warmer metallics bring light in to a room seamlessly and when matched with soft accessories such as towels and candles, you are left with a stunning shabby chic finish.

2018 is shaping ip to be an exciting year for the interior design world with some fresh and new looks being thrust in to the spotlight. As a homeowner or property developer, get ahead of the game and shop for these tiles today!