Email address verification – Why you should opt for it as a vendor

Just as data validation is an essential component of any marketing campaign, even more important is email address validation. It is basically a simple procedure, wherein, you find out whether or not a particular email address or set of email addresses do exist with the help of few tools.

Why is it important? This is because in any marketing campaign (assume that it is an email marketing campaign), you cannot do without validating the email address because you ought to know whether or not your message has reached the right set of people or if at all, it has reached them.

In this write up, let us find out few of the benefits of verifying email address and its importance.

Advantages of verifying email addresses

What are the many benefits that you can enjoy? Read through the following points below-

  • Segregate harmful emails

It is not just about an email address being valid, active, or invalid. What you have to stay away from is your emails being sent to spam folders. This is because whenever an email is directed towards a spam folder, it indicates that the emails you are sending are of no use and “low value”.

There are certain sections of users that are usually referred to as “Complainers”. They send emails to spam folders. So, you have to prove that you are not one. For this, email address verification is of utmost importance and you ought to do so prior to sending your message to your prospective clients. Do your bit of due diligence before you choose those email recipients.

  • Customization/personalization

Every client these days want to feel special and cared for. If you know that the list of email recipients that you have are no longer active, your email marketing efforts become futile to a great extent.

Most importantly, every user wants to feel special and prefer personalized attention. This can be better understood with the help of an example.

For instance, there are many soft drink giants that have allured clients by printing their names on the bottles, offering shirts, stationery that are monogrammed and so on. In this way, you appeal to your clients even more and make them feel special.

All this is possible due to personalization, which is so very important when marketing efforts are being talked about. By doing so, even the clients are aware that they are being approached by the right set of people and similarly, the marketers are aware that their message is reaching the right set of people.

  • Know how to embark upon an email campaign

When you are planning to undertake an email campaign, it is quite likely that you may not know how to go about it or how to embark upon it.

There are several email validation tools that will not only help you to know whether or not email addresses are valid and active but these very tools also aid by helping you to know your users individually by providing information about each email user.

In this way, you will be able to select a theme of your email marketing campaign because you will know which topic to select depending on the interest of the users. This makes your task of choosing a topic way easier and you are able to overcome the initial hiccup if you have been wondering how to select the topic/theme.

  • Improved click rates

Once you have all the information you want about your users, you can initiate the campaign with greater confidence. This is because you know when you are striking the right chord; the click rates will be higher too, which is a pre-requisite for a successful marketing campaign.