Perfectly Designed Gaylord Boxes Save Money And Time

Packaging ensures that a product is delivered intact & in good condition. When it comes to the task of packaging, there are myriads of options available. But Gaylord boxes always get an upper hand over the rest because of their light weight, high safety means, and sleek design. Their economical prices also makes them budget friendly.

A majority of shipping companies consider the Gaylord boxes as one of the most efficient options for ensuring a safe packaging system. The confusion begins about how to choose the right one for your needs. So, if you are in the same dilemma, it is the time to get some ideas from the Gaylord box exchange company that will guide you through the best for the right choice to fulfil all your demands.


Generally these method of packaging is widely used to distribute products in bulk. These boxes are found in varieties of shapes and sizes. The large spacious sturdy structure quick & easy handling while shipping of the goods irrespective of their form and natures. It even supports shipping of liquids, gels and also the powdery substances, if packed properly. Basically, there is no much difference between the Gaylord boxes and the corrugated boxes. The Gaylord boxes are basically a type of the cardboard and plastic boxes that are bigger in their versions and are also corrugated in nature; they are the most durable option to be used for everyday purposes. These boxes can reused and can be recycled. Some of them are square, rectangular, and octagonal or any another shape to get the materials stacked soon.

Choosing to go with, single, double, triple or the five-layered versions:

One needs to make the decision whether the materials need to be stacked in the warehouse or in the transits. The condition of shipping meaning the transportation system is an important consideration. If the materials are larger in volumes but lesser in weights, the triple-walled ones are the most important. One may simply chooses to go with the used ones rather than the newer ones. They are quite durable with the right size and shape for the product to be shipped.

Choosing a lid:

There are not all the Gaylord boxes that come with lids. There are multiple boxes from the Gaylord box exchange company that does not come with the lids. They are flap designed ones, this makes the manufacturers think about the most appropriate box to go with for the packaging and also the way the materials will be unpacked from the packaging.

An example that can be taken is the overlap slotted Gaylord containers that are always with the top flaps that overlap when they are placed down. Ths is a great option to bring security when they are either glued or en flapped. there are also certain containers that are help slotted and may act like the stationary bins which may be used to store the garbage and the recyclables in the form of some small collection. So, there are a number of lids available for the ones that are half slotted in nature that allows better stacking.

Why the plastic boxes?

There is sometimes a need to pile up the heavy and sharp objects that may prove to be caustic. In those cases, the option is to go with the plastic boxes. They are also quite durable that may act as a supplement for the triple-walled containers. They are resistant to moisture and may also offer the ventilation and can be the most valued one according to many people.

A Move Towards The Environment

There are a number of companies that engage the optimized use of the resources to save the environment and also ensure the lesser felling of trees. It has been usually estimated by the EPA that about 17 trees felled for the purpose of making 1 ton of the corrugated sheets that are cardboard in nature. So, ether is some companies who are always ready to give proper value to the box at the initial stage itself. The leftovers of the trees are added to the bailers by these companies who send them to the pulp plants. These are again used to make more cardboard, so, as of now about 35 % of the cardboards are made from the recycled materials where there is also an involvement of 65%of the fresh pulp. So, it is better to use the recycled portion rather than cutting down trees.

Choosing The Right Company Before Buying The Used Boxes

There are a number of companies that have been selling Gaylord boxes. The decision, however, needs one with a proper knowledge on the field and a team to supervise the methods of handling them. So, it is the time to go for the box brokers. They are usually in the form of the companies or individuals who are involved in finding out the boxes. These box brokers not only manage find sources for recycled boxes but also handle the logistics associated.

The website:

Any established company nowadays have an online digital presence in order to increase their outreach. The ones that comes with a website are no doubted established and reputed ones, who can be trusted. There are several questions that are asked in the forms on these websites. By this way they ensures that the customer gets the most perfect one to his or her needs. The one-page websites are a not clear indication of how prosperous the company is. So, there is a need to view quickly through the blogs and then opt for the product. One of best option to go with shall be the Gaylord box exchange company that have been ensuring a reliable service to the customers for the past 200 years continually & flawlessly

To ensure whether the company is a broker or refurbishing the boxes:

The ones that are only brokers can never prove to be a perfect choice because they will never ensure the careful inspection of the boxes. What they are? They are the middle man or the “cutting Agent” with a mere knowledge on packaging boxes. They thinks of their commission percentage and nothing else matters to them. So, one need to go with the bigger companies who can ensures on time delivery, tracks the shipment, provide quality checks and support the logistics in every form.

Vendor certification:

If at all a broker is engaged in selling reliable boxes, there is a need to check for the quality in order to verify the reliability of the service. This will ensure the customer regarding the safe purchase of the goods.

Another aspect is that those low margin agents might provide them at a lower prices but the standard for the quality would be compromised. Reputed companies or vendors with proper certification who provide multiple quality checks and standard routine follow up check with proper logistics might sound costly but they negotiates with the quality of the product issued.

So, a thorough and quick checking of certain terms and conditions of the seller will ensure a safe and reliable service. The ones that are selling over the internet are mostly the certified ones because they are engaged in huge annual transactions along with proper infrastructure.