How PODS and Shipping Containers Are Changing The Face Of Moving

Families or businesses relocating from state to state is nothing new. Whether you piled everything you owned into an old van, strapped it on top of a station wagon, or rented a U-Haul van to drive to your new location, many moves were DIY. Professional movers also became a popular option; after all, if you don’t have to worry about packing and moving Grandma’s antique china, why not let someone else do it for you?

But unless you have a huge household of stuff to transport, hiring professional movers with a moving truck can be expensive; you often have to pay for the entire truck, even if you only use a fraction of the space.

Now, a hybrid option is available that makes the most sense for families that are making cross-county moves.

PODS are less expensive

One of the frustrations about renting a moving truck for a DIY move is the number of hidden costs involved in the rental. You are quoted the price of renting the van itself and the miles that you’ll put on it, but that’s all. You’ll also need to pay for insurance, fuel, and risk all of your stuff being stolen as you cross the country because the vehicle is easily identifiable.

With PODS and other shipping containers, though, none of these hassles are a problem. You pay for only the space you’re using on the container. In addition to their discounted prices, they also offer special PODS promotion code for all customer when making a reservation online.

Your container is easy to pack, and will arrive at your destination in the same condition as you packed it. Plus, heavy haul trucks are much safer in general than U-Haul ; they tend to have better security, and are less likely to be targeted by thieves in the first place.

PODS are easy to store

Taking a rented moving truck on a road trip is just ridiculous; the fuel is too expensive, you’re far too likely to go expensively over mileage, and since these trucks are notoriously unreliable, all you want to do is get where you’re going as fast as you can.

Professional movers put you on a timeline, however. They are going to arrive at your new location at a set time, and you need to be there to receive delivery. Holding your items isn’t really an option, or if it is, they will probably be packed in haphazard condition which puts them in danger.

PODS offer you an amazing alternative to U-Haul trucks when it comes to shipping and storage. Drivers can offer an estimate of when they will arrive at your destination, but say that you want to use this time to take a longer trip, visit family in another city, or just take some time enjoying the trip to your new home. All you need to do is let your driver know that you want your POD stored at its arrival destination for a particular length of time. This is easily arranged for a small and reasonable fee.

Another benefit of having your shipping container stored is that the container itself will be unloaded from the truck, but your items will not be unpacked. This means that your items will be kept in the same careful condition that you created. And when you are ready to arrange delivery, all you have to do is unpack your POD. Everything will be just where you left it.

This takes DIY moving to a whole new level of relaxation.

You don’t have to transport PODS on your own

Really, the most frustrating portion of moving on your own is the driving. You can either hire people to load and unload the truck itself – whether you hire professionals or offer some friends pizza and beer – but the actual driving from one location to another is often nerve wracking.

Most people are not accustomed to driving heavy use vehicles; they’re much higher above the road than usual, braking, accelerating, and turning all respond differently than expected, and behavior on hills – both up and down – is different. Frankly, if you aren’t experienced with driving a moving truck, you and your items are in danger throughout the trip.

With PODS and other shipping container moves, you load your shipping container, and your work is done. You can still have your friends over to help you get packed and loaded, or hire people to load the truck, but the dangerous driving is handled. You can drive to your destination in your own vehicle, fly, or enjoy other transportation.

Moving is just a fact of human life; people have walked to new homes, ridden in carts, driven in wagons, and driven themselves in awkward moving trucks. PODS are the most modern way to get your move done without sacrificing your sanity.