5 questions and life hacks on Wall Decals you don’t want to miss

Plain and simple painted walls are a thing of the past. You must have heard the phrase that walls have ears, now let me tell you that they can speak as well. Yes, Give life to your wall with the latest wall decoration trends and see your wall speak.

Wall decoration trends on the high

  • Wallpapers
  • Wall arts
  • Wall shelves
  • Wall mirrors
  • Wall stickers
  • And now, latest big thing are the wall decals.

What are wall decals?

Well, wall decals are quotes or phrases written in beautiful calligraphy and sold in the form of wall stickers. You can buy them or get them custom made as per your needs.

Where can I use wall decals?

You can use them anywhere you want. In your home, office, cafe, bar, living area, kitchen, bath or bedroom. Practically you can use them on any wall. It’s all about your creative imagination, and how you can make those walls speak.

Where can I buy wall decals?

Buying wall decals is very easy. All you need to do is buy them online. Shop in your favourite site, select the decals you want based on your choice,like, love, motivational, spiritual etc and get it shipped to your home.

Does it require installation?

No, all wall decals and quotes are DIY products that come with easy to understand instruction leaflets. You can easily paste these on the wall where you want it.

What if I don’t like it?

Well, these are not permanent. The adhesive used is of top quality, so it stays put. But if you wish to remove it,you can easily do it without soiling or taking off the wall paint.

There is no limit to imagination. Let your home become the center stage of your imagination and pour out your creativity on the walls. Use the best deals on wall decals to showcase your hidden talent.

You must be wondering that wall decals are good for decorations only. But here I will tell you some amazing tips of using wall decals as house worthy hacks.

  • You can use wall decals to hide the paint that cracked out of the wall.
  • Cover the dent on the wall that you accidentally made playing with baseball.
  • If you have a big glass on the wall that has a crack on it, you can use bold, highlighted wall decals to cover it up.
  • Kitchen cupboards all faded up; use wall decals to cover then, make them look interesting.
  • Use wall decals to cover up the scribble made by your little on the wall.

Well, there are more than one ways to use wall quotes and decals. How you plan to use them, is totally up to you. But if you need a little heads up or a bit of help, you can search for wall decal ideas online. There are many websites that will provide you new, interesting and creative ideas on using wall decals.

Apart from this, few websites also give you options to check how the decal or quote will look on your wall through virtual image software, that uses the photo of your wall to virtually show you how the decal will look on your wall.