How Efficient Is Your Machine Shop?

Machine work is an excellent way to make a living. The pride of a finished product working smoothly is so rewarding! If you’re a shop owner or simply a tactful employee, it’s important to keep your space efficient and tidy. No matter what you produce, you’ve got to prepare for a breakdown. Computer Numerical Control (CNC) machines can throw a bad code, presses can malfunction, and vital connections can break. What’s the best way to ward off lost time incidents? Preparation, plain and simple. If you’re prepared to fight against any glitches in your manufacturing, you’ll be ready when the inevitable happens.

Amongst the noise of production and a shop, a press machine runs smoothly. Production is humming along and the entire team works diligently. A loud boom appears. Your stamping press has encountered a fatal error. The line stops, alarm bells sound. Panic sets in and you’re at a loss for what to do. What’s the next step?

If you have a breakdown on the line, you’re going to need professional help. No matter if your rotary grinder fell apart or your clutch is dead, these repairs must be left to the industry professionals. Look for a proactive business when choosing a repair service. Do they have a quick response time? What about a warehouse full of spare parts? If you’ve got specialized machine equipment, it’s quite useful to have your repair team on speed dial. You might keep your machine in well tuned glory, but eventually something will break.

Not only can machine equipment breakdowns be costly, they’re safety hazards as well. Do you run any sort of liquid or hydraulic operation? Maybe you’ve got a fuel transfer line. Either way, a break in a line means a break in production. More often than not, the tubes that transfer liquids are under enormous amounts of pressure. This is incredibly hazardous. Special care must be taken to ensure the pipes catastrophically burst. Could you imagine a flood, chemical spill, or injury due to a line bursting? The effects could shut down your shop for days!

If you manufacture or build your own hose systems, consider upgrading to perforated metal tubing. A rubber hose with a flexible metal core is much safer than standard hose. The metal mesh protects against hoses being sliced, rubber being frayed, and general daily wear. Simple to set up, easy to implement, and fully customizable, perforated metal tubes ensure your production abilities are the best they can be.

There’s nothing like looking upon a finished product. If you’re a manufacturer in this day and age, you’ve got to protect against total meltdowns. Any specialized equipment requires a specialized repairman. Do yourself a favor and build a relationship with a trusted provider. Take steps to bring your equipment up to higher safety standards. You’d never want to lose profits or have a machine injure an employee. Simple steps today prevent disasters down the line. When the unavoidable accident occurs, you’ll be glad you’re prepared.