4 Excellent Reasons to Invest in a New Residential Garage Door

You’ve put a lot of time and money into improving your home, but what about the garage? Up to now, you’ve been content to ignore it and spend your money on other things. The fact is that it’s time to make some changes, including the installation of a new garage door. Here are several reasons why this part of the property renovation should not wait any longer.

The Garage Doors Don’t Blend In

All the work on the home exterior looks great, but now the garage style doesn’t fit in any longer. Fortunately, some changes in the garage facade will change that. While you are at it, consider getting rid of those older style doors and go with something that is more in line with the contemporary look of your home. Even changing the garage door will make an immediate visual impact.

New Doors and Your Safety

Another point in favor of new Markham garage doors is protecting you and your family from harm. The present set of doors require that someone get out of the car, swing open the doors, drive into the garage, and then close the doors. While that’s fine during the day, what about night?

Go with a new overhead door complete with an automatic opener. That makes it possible to pull into the driveway, wait as the door automatically rolls up, drive into the garage, and stay in the car until the door is closed.

Making Things More Convenient

Along with the safety factor, opting for automatic Barmac garage overhead doors is also convenient. Think of what you have to do now when it’s raining. To open the garage doors, you have to get out of a comfortable vehicle, trudge through the rain, swing the doors open, then get back into the car. You could be soaking wet by the time you do all that.

Contrast that with pulling into the driveway, activating the door, and driving in once it’s open. You remain high and dry, which is a much more comfortable feeling than being cold and wet. As a bonus, not being wet also means less damage to the car seat upholstery.

The Impact on the Property’s Market Value

You already understand how the home’s condition affects market value. Have you stopped to think what impact the garage has on that value? Replacing the doors and doing a few other improvements will also make the property more desirable to prospective buyers. If you plan on downsizing once the kids are grown and you retire, it makes sense to ensure the garage as well as the home is in top condition.

Call a contractor today and arrange for a site visit. Talk about the different garage door options and what each one has to offer. It won’t take long to settle on the right style and arrange the installation.

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