What are the Different Kinds of Sweeper?

If you are confused on buying the right sweeper for your house, then this article will guide over different kinds of sweepers that are available in the market. The categories are divided according to their mechanisms.

However, one misconception must be cleared before moving towards the classification of this useful gadget. Floor sweepers are not vacuum cleaners. Both are different gadgets with distinctive usage. Sweepers do not have the power that vacuum has when it comes to suction. Floor sweepers are mainly used for quick clean and frequent jobs. It may be impractical to take out your vacuum every hour for small cleans. A floor sweeper is the most convenient thing in this aspect.

There are also some types of dirt that vacuum cleaner must be kept away from to prevent damage. Floor sweepers are really handy in such scenarios.

Nevertheless, here are the two main categories of floor sweeper that most homeowners prefer for cleaning the floors. They are even used for commercial uses such as in offices and on the construction site.

Mechanical sweeper

These are powered by a simple action of pushing them across the floor. Just moving them forward and backward would force the brushes and blades to spin and clean the floor. These are preferable when you want to maintain silence so that the people in surrounding are not disturbed. There is no battery or cord attached with this option so there is no limit to the area which can be cleaned. You can take the sweeper wherever you want to and clean the area. It even comes with a dustpan that is simple to empty which saves on a lot of time. The lack of cords makes it easier for users to maneuver the sweeper anywhere and use it in tight spaces as well like under the chairs, counters and tables.

Electric sweeper

Electric sweeper is the more recent form of sweepers that have been growing in popularity in recent times. They either receive power from rechargeable batteries or through a socket in the wall. This makes them louder than the mechanical option which means that it can be a distraction in some places. As mentioned above the area is also limited which can be cleaned.

Nevertheless, these are more popular options in this day and age due to the fact that they are more effective than traditional options. The electric option tends to clean the floor with more effectiveness. It even requires less effort on part of the user making it more comfortable and convenient.


Whether using the mechanical option or the electrical one, these sweepers have numerous uses and in residential, commercial and even industrial areas. There are indoor and outdoor uses that can be beneficial in a number of contexts.

However, the preference depends on what your objectives are. Electric sweepers are more powerful so must be used when the cleaning requires rigorous effort. Whereas, manual sweepers must be utilized where silence is required.