Best Online Resources for Students

When you are a student, it can be hard to find out exactly where to get good resources from. Before you started studying for real, you may have only delved as deep as sites like Google and Wikipedia for you research. And though these sites are somewhat informative, they lack the depth and nuance that can be achieved when researching on the internet. If you begin to utilise sites that are a bit more unique and informative, your tutors will definitely take note, as your essays will be a lot more interesting to read, rather than being full of bland, surface level facts that can be achieved through a quick Google search. However, when you are a student it can be hard to know where to look for these sites! Well look no further, here are a few web addresses that are sure to help you get that in-depth research you are craving. Get clicking!

Google Scholar

Everybody that has access to the internet knows about Google, they are the massive company that started off from a simple search engine, and now have fully developed business models, dedicated to GPS routing, email, shopping and media. But one of the sides to Google that a lot of people don’t know much about, can actually help change the face of your essay for the better. Google Scholar is a fully accessible database packed with scholarly literature, passages and journals from a multitude of publishing formats and disciplines. From literature analysis, to litigation, to fashion, to business, they have text and metadata to help any one. And the best part is, it is run by Google, so operates incredibly smoothly and sleekly. Type in a subject that you are currently studying and Google Scholar will show you either titles related to your field of study, or journals that mention and talk about your topic. It is really easy to reference articles found on Google Scholar, so it is perfect for finding interesting little tidbits to improve your essay.

Essay Writing Services

Did you know that there is a whole echelon of websites out there that help their customers write, construct and create essays? It’s true! All they ask is for a little information on what exactly it is that you are writing about and when your deadline is, and they will assign you a helper. This helper can provide you with quotes, passages, statistics, anything really! They can even provide you with whole parts of your essay if you ask them to! There’s a whole host of these sites, for instance PaperLeaf is one that provides online homework help in Canada These sites are full of expert writers, that will strive to get your essay written in the best possible way, and will help you to achieve a great mark.


JSTOR is another site that is quite similar to Google Scholar, it is a digital library founded around 1995. Initially created to digitise back issues of journals, it now also has books primary sources, and extremely current journal material. A lot of the times you’ll find publications that aren’t on one of the sites on the other. This is a great way to mix up your searching, as you are able to flick through two whole databases of published material. JSTOR is easy to use and is a favourite among many students when they are looking for material to put into their essays. The website is very easy to use and you can pay for access to premium material, that is sure to push your essay into those higher marks when used properly!

Three sites that, when visited and used correctly, have the power to shape your essay in a fantastic way. As a student, you have so many different options, you can use your local or University library to find some research you can hold in your hand. But you can also utilise online journal databases like Google Scholar and JSTOR. These sites can provide you with excellent writing that you can interpret in your work or essay. A quote from Google Scholar or JSTOR is sure to impress your tutors, as they both are reputable sources used by academics and students alike. But if all that fails, you can head over to sites like PaperOwl, or PaperLeaf, speak with someone directly, and get some real palpable support on some of the work you’ve been struggling with. Whichever you choose, you will find that your essay or any work you are doing, really starts to take shape!