Why Customer Service is a Vital Component of a Supermarket’s Success

Supermarkets are constantly battling against one another to give the best price to their customers. When it comes down to more than just price, this is where customers will pick one supermarket above the rest. Having a supermarket that can supply goods at a great price as well as give good customer service is vital to gain and keep loyal customers. Here are a few reasons why and how supermarkets can improve their customer service.

Loyalty Cards

One way in which many supermarkets in the UK now work is by providing loyalty cards to customers that provide discounts on their most bought items and gain points on what they spend which can be spent on other rewards. If you shop at the same supermarkets often, this may sway you to stay loyal to a certain supermarket, especially if you are going to get the things you buy every day for a discount. Many cashiers offer loyalty cards to customers when they are at the till; this is a good way to promote the card as, if you are already there shopping, you aren’t going out of your way to get a card.

Price War

Many supermarkets are competing constantly to bring you the biggest brands at the best prices and often supermarkets will have adverts in which they compare prices to different supermarkets. This can be a good way to sway customers in to choosing them, especially if it is an item that is bought often such as bread, milk or cereal. With pricing always being competitive, supermarkets want to give more to their customers to ensure they don’t stray when they aren’t offering the best prices. This includes being available on a variety of platforms including delivery online or even on mobile apps. The easier they can make it for a customer to shop, the more likely it is that they will return.

What Is Good Customer Service?

Good customer service should be happening from the moment you walk in to a supermarket and shouldn’t just end at the door. This includes having the right staff to assist customers throughout their shop and when at the tills. If you are a friendly, outgoing person who loves to chat and make people feel welcome, perhaps you should look at vacancies at Asda as they are always looking for great staff to improve their customer service. Customer service also involves how accessible things are such as being able to shop online and sending exclusive offers and discounts through the post or as an email to anyone with a loyalty card. Any offers or discounts are more likely to remind customers to shop at that supermarket again and everyone likes saving some cash.

Supermarkets will always be competitive and therefore customer service will always be a vital part in achieving and maintaining success. If you have a bad shopping experience, even if the supermarket is cheaper, it may sway you from shopping there again. A friendly face and a little help can go a long way in a customer’s eyes.