What are the most fun cities in the world?

Traveling the world opens up new horizons for all vacationers or those who need to travel for business, and there are many superb cities worth visiting. Here’s a guide to some of the most fun cities in the world.

New York

Who hasn’t heard of the Big Apple, a city that positively pulsates with vibrant life. The sights, sounds and smells of this metropolis need many days to fully absorb the experiences. Great museums and art galleries rub shoulders with the finest in luxury shopping opportunities and the gigantic skyscrapers are a sight to behold. From cheap and tasty street food to the ultimate in gourmet restaurants, from throbbing nightclubs to Broadway musicals, New York offers anything anyone could wish for.


Germany’s capital city ranks high on the list of fun cities in the world, with the low price of beer compared to others making it a major attraction for party nights out. The city has a thriving underground scene and its nightlife is renowned for being hedonistic and provocative. It’s a leading destination for those interested in architecture and the arts, and it has a huge number of high quality shops as well as entertainment ranging from opera and ballet to rock and classical music.


The City of Light is also known as being the city for lovers, and there’s little doubt that the French encourage people to view their capital city in this way. Bisected by the River Seine, visitors can take in the magnificent architecture from a riverboat before taking a coffee at one of thousands of little cafés. Gourmet dining or simple brasserie food takes the edge off the appetite. Top fashion houses showcase the finest that designers can offer, and world-class museums such as the Louvre make Paris a must-go destination for art lovers.


One of the world’s most famous cities, London is a hub for all things entertainment. Rich in history and with the Royal Family a huge draw for visitors (especially when the Queen is at home in Buckingham Palace), it’s impossible to be bored in this buzzing metropolis. Iconic buildings such as Big Ben and the Tower of London attract those interested in history, and the city is arguable the greatest in the world for its profusion of theatres in the West End with top ranking musicals and plays running every day. Pubs are popular places to wind down with a pint of beer after a day of sightseeing, and then it’s to concerts and nightclubs until the early hours.


This city of canals is one of Holland’s most vibrant cities and is known as much for its relaxed attitude to mild narcotics as for its famed Red Light district. The Dutch are connoisseurs of good food and drink so restaurants, cafés and bars provide food and drink for all tastes. A lively nightlife awaits those who enjoy burning the candle at both ends, whilst for those who prefer art and architecture the Riksmuseum is stuffed with Dutch masterpieces and the Van Gogh Museum houses a superb collection of this dazzling artist’s works. Good hotels are in abundance, and a Superior Dam Square luxury Amsterdam vacation rental could be perfect for those who want to be in the center of the action.


The capital of Japan embraces both tradition and the weird and wonderful. It’s a non-stop action city, shimmering with neon lights. The famous bullet train whisks passengers along at high speed – an experience worth catching – and restaurants cater for both Japanese and international tastes. With ancient monuments rubbing shoulders with the glitz of Tokyo’s awesome nightlife the city’s a place for fun and entertainment.


Art and architecture are keys to Barcelona and there are a myriad of exhibitions to explore all over the city. The restaurant scene is highly diverse, with many fashionable tapas bars and little hole-in-the-wall food stalls that can keep eating costs low. Spanish beer quenches the thirst under a hot sun and a stroll in the Gothic Quarter reveals hidden hotspots. Las Ramblas is the area where the Spanish go to promenade and be seen before moving on to the humming nightspots for a long, energetic night’s dancing.

All cities are a mixture of the ancient and modern and blend the traditional with the contemporary in terms of architecture, art, entertainment, accommodations, food and drink. Exploring new cities gives opportunities to discover the unexpected, to taste new foods and to enjoy a different environment. Visitors return to these and other fun cities time and time again, looking for new experiences.